Orange County Bail Bonds

Orange County Bail Bonds by SH, (714) 367-0043, is here to help you get your loved one out of the Orange County jail. Whatever the circumstances are, we can usually help. Even if the bail bonds is very large, we have ways to help you through this situation.

We’ve been writing bail bonds for over 40 years and we can utilize all these years of experience to create a comfortable situation for you while we help you through this tough time.

orange county bail bonds

Our bail bonds agents are licensed by the California Department of Insurance, very patient, and very professional.

Fully Computerized – We can find out electronically the status of arrestees in custody, verify ownership, and credit on indemnitors (Guarantors) of the bond, and have the bond underwritten and qualified in minutes. No need for people to find original Grant Deeds or other time consuming processes, we have the ability to pull them all electronically at no additional cost to the consumer.
All Bonds – Orange County Bail Bonds has the authority to write bonds of any size for any type of charge without time consuming approvals of other insurance company administrators.

Credit Available -Orange County Bail Bonds has the ability to finance all fees in house so it is easier to pay the expense the unplanned event. A payment plan might make sense for you so that you can use the resources you have on hand to cover potential legal fees.

Property Signers – Not Always Needed – Depending on the type of charge that is pending collateral may not be needed to secure the bond. Your Bail Bond Agent will confirm if your situation qualifies you for this.

Felony and Spousal Abuse Specialist – Orange County Bail Bonds has decades of experience dealing with felony cases.

1275 PC Motions – Information FREE Certain bonds require special motions to be made in court before the arrestee can be bailed out. Orange County Bail Bond agents have experience in handling these types of cases. Not all bonding agencies have experience with these special situations.

State Licensed – All bail agents must be state licensed in California.

When you call Orange County Bail Bonds, an experienced bail bond agent will explain the process of posting bail and your financing options. Your agent will act quickly to arrange bail and write the bond. Your bail bond agent will meet you at the Van Nuys jail and work hard to earn a fast release of your loved one.

We are available now to answer your questions or move into action to start the bail bond process now!